Reliable communication

There are many different tools used to communicate in an organisation, including email, voice calls and instant messaging. With urgent notifications, you need to ensure they are found and seen instantly, especially when existing technology fails or there are potential delays experienced with emails entering busy in-boxes.

NetSupport Notify provides streamlined communication enabling staff or students to immediately see updates sent through the system, such as “The mail server will be off at 5pm” or “We are experiencing difficulties with our file server”.

Regular management of contacts isn’t necessary as it syncs with the Active Directory, making it a quick and easy solution to use. Notifications can also be sent to selected IP ranges.

Screen focus

Within seconds, a single notification (of up to 1000 characters) can be sent to 10000 connected computers (Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks, as well as digital information screens) or to specific users/devices and selected departments. The delivered notification automatically takes screen focus on recipient computers and can’t be ignored – saving precious time in the case of more urgent alerts.

Each notification can also carry a priority level (from routine student/staff communication to technical alerts or even a critical emergency – which can be customised), helping recipients to immediately identify the severity/nature of the alert.

Boost your emergency and lockdown communication

NetSupport Notify can be a vital communication tool to support emergency and lockdown procedures and some integrate it as an official part of their emergency plans, due to its ability to send a clear and concise notification or instruction to all/selected connected computers.

Each notifications can be accompanied by an audible alert to ensure attention is gained. Plus, if there isn’t time to type a lengthy message, the sender can create and use a ready-made “emergency response” alert, which also helps to eliminate guesswork and human error. These are activated with a three-hotkey combination, which also guards against them being sent accidentally.

Being able to send faster communication effectively to selected users allows them to quickly act on the issue at hand – which could minimise costly interruptions or even save lives.

Reduce routine manual tasks

Recurring events can be scheduled in advance for a fixed time and date: hourly, daily, weekly, even every “xx minutes”. Freeing up this time from manually having to enter each one every time allows the user to work on more important tasks. Plus, the more notifications are used in a daily setting, the more familiar people are with the process, which can also help speed up the response time.

Send messages across all sites

Unlike typical LAN-based messaging solutions, NetSupport Notify provides a dedicated local notification gateway that allows seamless notification delivery across multiple network segments or dispersed sites without the need for network modifications or switch configuration. A true mass notification system.

Send on the go

Free to download from Google Play, Amazon App Store and iTunes, the NetSupport Notify Mobile Console allows you to send instant alerts and notifications on the move. The sender can also monitor how many users have received the message; key for emergency response teams in building evacuations scenarios, for example.

Evidence aknowledgement

When the notification is sent, a notification progress chart is automatically created and updates in real-time to show the message being delivered and then acknowledged, allowing you to keep track of who has seen it (something traditional communication tools like email and phones don’t offer).

All delivered notifications are recorded centrally with full details of all notifications and recipients, allowing administrators to filter those of interest and export a summary for future analysis.